[Dissent-bristol-info] Speaker update

auto_gnome at riseup.net auto_gnome at riseup.net
Mon Feb 21 23:21:41 GMT 2005

Hi - for info.

Got responses today from leading London R/Tide person saying they will do
the climate change workshop. I also got a 'yes' from Crash in bristol too.
So we are covered either way...will suggest they co-operate on this.

Also got a response from Colin (c/o Schnews, Brighton) offering to come
and do the anti-cap bit. Have put him on hold til after tomorrow. However,
am happy to go with line up in opening session of Bristol person on
local/general Dissent; Usma anti-cap; bristol dissenter on outline for
day. Let's confirm this tomorrow night ok.

Also got a response from Nancy (PSC/ISM) confirming happy to do a workshop
in opening series of workshops (12 to 1pm) on 'solidarity - acting
locally, thinking globally'.

I think that only leaves the Africa/debt presentation (John) & Zapatista
(ben - Kiptik) to be confirmed.

Will do a dayschool update sheet for meet tomorrow (and put on list if poss).

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