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Wed Jan 31 17:04:04 GMT 2007

  Hello - please join our Direct Action Network.
  Visit us: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/directactionagainstwar
  To join our network please send a blank email to the address below & then wait for, and reply to, the confirmation message:
  directactionagainstwar-subscribe at yahoogroups.com
  KEY NOTE: Messages are sent out in roughly twice weekly digests so as not to overload your inbox.
  PURPOSE: As the 'War On Terror' spills over into a war across the entire Middle & Near East, and Horn of Africa, it is well past time to move beyond the comfort zone of A-B demonstrations (important as they are) and towards direct confrontation and opposition to our own illegal military state.
  DAAW is a well moderated e-group. Most events or actions which are asking more than just the signing of another petition, or which are more than just another march from point A to point B, will be considered for approval as a form of Direct Action.
  The Group Guidelines Can Be Read Here:
  BACKGROUND: The DAAW message board was initially created in Jan 2003 to protest the arrival of US B52 Bombers to RAF Fairford, U.K, from where Iraq was then carpet-bombed. Since then the message board has become home to a wide range of Direct Action related campaigns and protests.
  We look forward to receiving your subscription request.
  Once subscribed send messages to: directactionagainstwar at yahoogroups.com
  Visit us: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/directactionagainstwar
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