[Dissent-tech] re: domain name

Sheffield Mayday sheffieldmayday at ukf.net
Thu Dec 11 02:39:47 GMT 2003

Hmm, don't know what has happened to pheet who offered to sort out the
domain name 10 days ago and hasn't been in touch since.

For those new to the list the only 'dissent' domain name of any use
was dissent.org.uk - perfect really. Pheet offered to sort it (below)
but hasn't been in touch since then.

Anyone got any thoughts - would be a great shame to lose that domain
name to someone else.

I can possibly buy it anonymously through a friends web design company
so should I go ahead and pursue that next week?


SM> Hi Pheet,

SM> Is there any news on getting the domain name yet? No one objected so I
SM> just thought I'd check to make sure it's going ahead?

SM> cheers

SM> steve

dm>> regarding the domainname issue, i can arrange this to be
dm>> registered (payed by postal order) and have the 
dm>> admin/tech etc. details anonymous. The owner could be
dm>> registered as "The Dissent Network".  Let me know 
dm>> asap if i'm required to do this.

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