[dissent-tech] Hello and admin logon

Etienne tim_boetie at fastmail.fm
Wed May 25 21:07:11 BST 2005

Hi all,

I'm Tim from Cambridge; I'd be interested in helping out with website
stuff. In particular, I notice there's nothing up about the Anarchist
Ball we're holding here as a Dissent fundraiser - I've submitted an
event, and I'll approve it so it goes up if someone gives my account
(username: etienne) the appropriate access rights; and of course I'd be
happy to play a role in moderating future submissions.

I also now a bit about server-side scripting, PHP and that sort of
thing, so might be able to do other tech things too if that would be

     "Hence the impotent omnivalence of whatever
      being.  It  is  neither  apathy  nor 
      promiscuity nor resignation."
                                   -- Giorgio Agamben
Tim                                   http://huh.34sp.com/

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