[dissent-tech] new splash page for dissent site on cards

Space Bunny sb at j12.org
Tue May 31 20:21:06 BST 2005

tc has done a splash page for front of Dissent site to be first thing 
people see when they go to dissent.org.uk

It has been put up at the unused:
to check out.

If no one objects it may be put up on actual to site, in front of the 
CMS to help first time visitors navigate site, taking into account any 
modifications requested (such as what linked to)  but note it can not be 
updated collectively like stuff in the main site under the CMS *; only 
via me and others with filesystem access, but that is not too impossible 
and is how non CMS sites go anyway often bottlenecking through one person.

Also it may interfere with POST function the CMS uses, but I think I 
have way round this, need to check out when put up.


* by all those who have let us know usernames to get access, though to 
get access change main structure of site need to engage with the rest of 
web group, also I note some people who have had access status upped have 
never tried it it out. If one needs help do try asking.


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