[g8-sheffield] flyer and text.. pdfs world revolution?

fabian fab at in-no.org
Fri Apr 1 16:10:32 BST 2005

I have a suggestion for the dissent festival flyer....i took the call from
SSF but changed it slightly...
"No Justice No Peace" is a slogan-suggestion that doesn't really do it, I
know, but we need to think of something, also in regards of a webpage...
also, I have a ride to dissent festival, but already on Tuesday, means I
wont be with you guys on wednesday, however, sent me your comments for the
flyer. Monday is deadline.
By the way, on the back of the flyer I put the same nice picture as for
the open meeting...just added Sheffield G8 and date...

please comment
do not forget the demo tomorrow in Manchester or Nottingham...
See you

No Justice - No Peace
G8 in Sheffield 15th to 17th June 2005
>From 15th-17th June, 2005, the G8 justice and home affairs ministers will
meet in Sheffield. They will be discussing how to enforce Bush's 'War on
Terror',  how to restrict migration and to further dismantle civil rights.
They are the people who think that inspiring a lively sense of terror in
their subjects makes ID cards ok, and that driving out asylum seekers who
were not quite oppressed enough is more important than social justice.
Coming as this does only three weeks before the main G8 meeting in
Gleneagles in July,  we invite the movement to look at the G8 ministers
meeting in Sheffield as part of the road to Gleneagles, the second round
in an increasing salvo of protest in the name of civil liberties. And so
the people of Sheffield are calling on the movement for action to be taken
and alternatives to be presented to the people.
15th June Mass Protest "No Justice-No Peace!"
16/17th June  G8 Counterconference
We are offering our support for any groups coming to Sheffield. There will
a convergence center to hold workshops, create, sleep and eat. Movies and
Party to keep the faith.


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