[g8-sheffield] The Indymedia writing workshop is back!

Dan dan at aktivix.org
Wed Apr 6 00:30:09 BST 2005

Tuesday 12th April
6 to 8pm
Sheffield Live
(in the old National Centre for Popular Music)
... and every second and fourth Tuesday ...

Do you want to work with a bunch of supportive and co-operative folk, to 
write stories about Sheffield? If so -

Come to the Indymedia writer’s workshop!

We're open to all your ideas. Bring your experience of Sheffield with 
you - and learn more about Sheffield by writing about it. In the 
process, learn about Sheffield Indymedia.

There will be the chance to work on more in-depth stories, in 
collaboration with others – going out and finding out about the issues 
that matter to you.

The first workshop is next Tuesday 12th April, in Sheffield Live (the 
old National Centre for Popular Music - opp. The Showroom Cinema).

International or national dimensions to Sheffield stories are welcome – 
one of the best ways to get at global issues is through local stories. 
Telling the stories of asylum seekers coming to Sheffield, for example, 
would be a great way to connect what happens in Sheffield to what's 
happening in the rest of the world.

In the workshop, we’ll being doing these things:

1. We’ll start with a quick outline of Indymedia for anyone who doesn't 
know: how to publish on the website, and how the ‘features’ column works.

2. We’ll talk about what’s going on in Sheffield.

This will include a quick glance through the mainstream media for the 
region – so get reading some local papers before you come! Questions to 
think about could be -

What stories are good, or at least make us think about something that 
hadn’t occurred to us?

What stories are bad, and why?

What is missing? (E.g. whilst drug problems are reported, how much 
analysis is there / who is blamed?)

3. We’ll talk about ideas everyone has for stories they’d like to work 
on, events they’d like to report on, people they’d like to go and talk to.

4. Writing and reading: There’ll be access to PCs, so some can write and 
do research work. Others who have writing already can ask for work to be 
read by someone else for comments. Also, if people want to work together 
on researching a particular issue for a story / feature, do it! (E.g. 
‘you go and talk to x about the incinerator, and I’ll try to phone Onyx 
and see what they think about the UN’s ban on Dioxins.’)

Hope to see you there...

07968 997861

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