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So the SWP are planning something themselves!

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Dear Sheffield Stop the War supporter,

1/ Sheffield Stop the War has called a demonstration on Saturday June
11th in
protest at the G8 Justice & Interior minsters meeting that will be
taking place
in this city. The protest has the backing of Sheffield Muslim
Association of
Britain and Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign amongst others. See
release below for details.

2/ The next meeting of Sheffield Stop the War Coalition will be on
20th April at 7.30pm at Victoria Hall near the Crucible. Details of the
number will follow.

3/ The Stop the War Coalition is calling on people to vote for anti-war
candidates in the General Election, for more information and for
questions to ask your candidates visit: www.stopwar.org.uk

All for now,
Angela Shann
on behalf Sheffield Stop the War Coalition



Today, a number of Sheffield campaign groups have called for a protest 
on the weekend prior to the G8 Justice and Interior ministers meeting in
June. Sheffield Stop the War Coalition, Sheffield Muslim Association of
Britain, Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Sheffield RESPECT and
Sheffield Green Party have called a march for 'Peace & Justice' on
Saturday 11th June 2005.

Lucinda Wakefield, chair of the Sheffield Stop the War Coalition said, 
'We feel strongly that we cannot let this pass. The people that are 
attending this summit are some of the loudest cheerleaders of 'the war
terror'which has cost the lives of over 100,000 people in Iraq. There
has been

no consultation with the people of Sheffield over whether this summit 
should be held here, and how much it is likely to cost us (never mind
disruption to peoples everyday lives).'

'We want to see the biggest possible united demonstration just before 
the summit to send a message loud and clear that these people are not 
welcome here.'

The groups organising the protest say that they are expecting people
attending the G8 meetings to be the likes of Michael Chertoff (author 
of the US Patriot Act),Otto Schilly,the German interior minister who has
spoken out in favour of the Israeli Apartheid Wall, and Condoleeza 
Rice,who is seen by the anti-war movement as one of George Bush's
for the war in Iraq.

Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign enjoys broad support in 
Sheffield and has held a number of very succesful events. Most recently
people came to watch a palestinian dance troop perform at the Merlin

Sheffield Stop the War Coalition has been organising protests, marches 
and meetings since 2001. Most recently 5 coaches were filled from
to the national demonstration on the 19th March, calling for British 
troops to be brought home from Iraq.150,000 demonstrated in Cental
London that

The Muslim Association of Britain is actively involved in a number of
justice campaigns in the city, and has also helped mobilise for the
national anti-war demonstrations.


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