[g8-sheffield] Fwd: Lynwood events

Dan dan at aktivix.org
Thu Apr 21 15:38:29 BST 2005

Spring is here !

What better way to celebrate than getting outdoors and partying?! There will 
be a celebration on Saturday 30 April in Lynwood Gardens, involving May Pole 
dancing, Willow weaving, Wickerman burning and live music. All ages welcome, 
5 - 8 pm. For more details, please see attached poster.

Also, this Saturday (23 April), Friends of Lynwood Gardens are having a 
fundraiser - and fun raiser - held at the Broomspring Centre in Broomhall. 
It will feature samba+reggae+world+beats from Papa Al (Juju  Club), Mr 
Meerkat (Dubcentral), R.O.R.S Samba Band, Dill (Planet Zogg) and Lil' Sis' 
Jah (Riddimtion). Arrive at 7pm, pay £3 to get in, make use of the bar and 
party till late!

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