[g8-sheffield] Publicity text: First draft

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Fri Apr 22 17:05:46 BST 2005

well done h and n..

ill make sure we get this to web page over the weekend.. and e mailed to people
likwise.. while here rummer and there strong the leaders are going to be
stopping in netheredge.. we have the offer a car ladders etc for propaganda..
there is also a van on call.. so this is happening and i feel well happy.. ill
subscribe people to e mail from wed meeting on saturday as i know it is cool to
do so.. we have another covergance meeting on monday.. if you desire to come
along see locations of where the converganace space is etc then e mail me.. not
sure of time we will be meeting but i suspect it shall be midday.. have a samba
practice sunday but will make an effort to got the meeting about bike ride and
see if there up for doing a critcall mass on the 11th.. this is comeing
toghther people and well done to all.. you can now add things to wicki which is
here http://wiki.sheffieldsocialforum.org.uk/G8 and the web page is here

keep up the presure

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