[g8-sheffield] sorry for butting in

Dan dan at aktivix.org
Mon Apr 25 17:05:50 BST 2005

Hia Harriet,

Good to hear from you!  Sorry no-one replied til now - an unfortunate 
downside of us all being autonomist lefties with no hierarchical 
structures!  You say you don't know much about politics, but want to 
help out.  I think that goes for the rest of us too!

So your help certainly would be appreciated!  And apologies for all the 
exclamation marks,  I don't know what's got into me!

Either just keep on readin these e-mails and look out for meeting dates 
to come along to / things that take your fancy, or I'm sure someone'll 
keep you in mind if a specific task comes up.  (And tasks certainly will 
start to appear as June approaches...! Exclamation mark!)

peace n hippy things,


p.s. I'll let others throw in what their angle on the whole G8 / War on 
Terror is, but there's a lot of very thoughtful articles and stuff to 
read at www.opendemocracy.net - the conflicts link has a lot of good 
stuff on terrrorism, democracy and loss of liberties.  I personally 
prefer this kind of stuff coz it's more thoughtful than 'capitalism is 
the root of everything bad and anyway 9/11 was a CIA plot', which really 
annoys me!  Perhaps others could post their favourite approaches / links 
to stuff as to why they're anti-G8...?

(So - non-hierarchical and diverse, but basically going in the same 
direction, I think...)
harriet cameron wrote:

> Hello
> I feel a bit rude butting in with nothing very important to say - but 
> I have been reading everything that has been sent back and forth 
> between you all on the list and I am interested in what you are doing 
> and very happy that you are doing something. 
> I get the general idea about G8 and why it's so important and would 
> like to help or find out more or something but don't know a great deal 
> about politics.  Would I be any use?
> Thankyou
> Harry
> >
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