[g8-sheffield] Death!

Dan dan at aktivix.org
Wed Apr 27 00:27:16 BST 2005

Anyone want to guess the most common cause of accidental death in the US?

Compare this to the amount of people killed in terrorist attacks, and 
then work out the state response, and how much the global order has 
changed since 9/11...

In at No 1 is -

1. Motor vehicle crashes

Deaths per year: 43,200

"The winner, by a ridiculously huge (and ever-increasing) margin is: 
death by car wreck. Head on collision, sideswipe, single-vehicle 
smash-up, full car rollover, pedestrian takedown, choking on own carsick 
vomit, spontaneous combustion-the fun never stops for car owners. Try 
air travel instead; it's much safer. Do you see it anywhere on this list?"

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