[g8-sheffield] Publicity: Help with design

Helen and Nick slendermeans1 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Apr 28 19:34:59 BST 2005

I circulated a temporary flyer for the G8 actions and
events at last nights meeting. I have no skills in
design (and I only agreed to really take on doing the
text) and it was agreed that snazzier ones needed to
be done - and posters. Can anyone out there help? The
ones on the wiki are not immediately suited as they
are as they confer no info on anti-g8 stuff - but they
might be a start for people who can adapt these

We need materials ASAP - there is so much ground we
could cover with this. 

Will take copies of the temp one over to the
Manchester Radical Bookfair on Saturday (slendermeans
is doing a bookstall and its at the Basement - Manc's
new social centre, if anyone fancies it) and distro at
the freeparty benefit thingy on Staurday night -
unless I have a better offer of a cool flyer/poster!!


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