[g8-sheffield] NOTES FROM MEETING 4TH MAY..

Dan dan at aktivix.org
Thu May 5 12:24:15 BST 2005

Don't give the guy in the Rutland too hard a time... he'd been abandoned 
to do all the work by himself.  (He was arsy with me, too, but so would 
I be if I'd been left to work a really busy pub all on my tod!)


worldwarfree at riseup.net wrote:

>Ill be makeing a written formall complaint to the rutland.. one for the cross
>booking.. two for very rude staff when we emerged back from the garden so some
>of do not drink.. All i can say is shit happens well done to all for makeing it
>happen in circumastance that was hard.. We can meet at the re loaction point
>each week from now people are happy with this.. I was a little dazed confused
>last night feeling the presure.. any how here are the notes thanks to paddy for
>writeing them up.. Some points are not there as this is an open archive list and
>though im sure babylon will have an idea what is going down lets not feed them
>info thay do not need..
>Sheffield Against G8 Meeting: Weds 4th May Rutland Arms
>Upcoming Events:
>Sunday 8th POLITICAL PUNK DOCUMENTARY NIGHT at the Cricketer's Arms
>TRAPESE & SCHNEWS NIGHT May 15th 7pm Cricketers Arms (time tbc)
>Fabian is producing that flyer
>Suggestion of flyering the Devonshire Jam Saturday 7th
>Critical Masses for the future: 11th of June  8.30am leading to Stop The War
>march at 10.30am The Devonshire Green and 15th of June 4.30pm
>15th-16th June calls to disrupt delegates dinners at Cutlass Hall (16th) with
>noise demo etc.
>Should think outside the box with regards to protests due to the Derby
>experience but needs to be accessible.
>Alter Globalist ball mentioned for Weds 15th June preceded by march and Poverty
>Banquet for Thurs 16th with new working groups formed. Party Friday 17th June
>Also actions should be fun.
>Sheffield Against G8 PHONE NO. 07931 77 99 76
>Meeting next week in the Rutland May 11th at 7.30pm to relocate elsewhere so
>don't be late if you are late ring above to find where we are..
>Paranoied who is that behind me what is that fing helcopter doing?
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