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Chris Malins chrismalins at gmail.com
Mon May 9 15:24:29 BST 2005

I would go so far as to suggest that although making the symbolic 
gesture of contacting them is nice to do, its not worth getting hung up 
on it because it is a process that we do go through semi-regularly, 
without much effect, and their answers are largely predictable. 
Certainly, they have already demonstrated an unwillingness to even 
create a channel for us to send them the invitation in the first place 
at previous events (eg. Derby) this year. I think that it is reasonable 
to assume that our 'democratic leaders' are well aware that we would 
like to have input, and would be more than capable of inviting us if 
they wanted to. Certainly, within the democratic model we are supposed 
to have, one would really think that the responsibility should lie more 
in their court than ours, as they should have a duty to listen to their 


dougald hine wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> I like your approach. One of the events we've been talking about is
> holding an alternative banquet to coincide with one of the exclusive
> dinners the ministers have during their visit. The idea is to serve
> the kind of food most of the world's population live on. I definitely
> think we should invite the ministers to join us for that - not least
> cos if they're serious about tackling poverty, they ought to try what
> it's like, even if just for one meal.
> I don't hold up that much hope of them coming to dinner, but I do
> think sending the invitation makes it clear that we're not just
> looking to antagonise... Similarly, we should invite them to the
> counter conference. Have you got any suggestions for other ways we
> could try and engage them?
> Dougald
> On 5/5/05, Steve Marshall <samarshall2001 at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>Dear G8 reziztors.
>>Ello. I have read a little bit of your "protest" website and I wondered,
>>"Has any one of you ever written or even thought of communicating with these
>>Nasty G8 Security and "no justice except for the wealthy and powerful"
>>ministers to ask them if you could attend their meetings and their dialogues
>>or have you asked them/invited them formally to attend your counter
>>Sometimes, when you have a deep divide and you need, somehow, to get to the
>>other side... then a bridge, or bridges need to be built in order to do so.
>>I hope that you lot at least, understand this. I dont think that lot are
>>capable of thinking about anything except their stinking money and filthy,
>>oppressive power and greed. But, I suppose.....
>>Regards in solidarity and unity and all of that crap.
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