[g8-sheffield] exclusion zones..

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Thu May 12 11:34:09 BST 2005

Morning..This morning i had brekfrost at the very exallant blue moon cafe St
james street.. So why is this important?.. Well nick one of the owners half
joked then become serious.. He informed me there was to be a exclusion zone on
the 15-16 of june. He showed me a copy of a letter form the home office.The
letter has asked for them to close on the eve of the 15-16 as there will be an
exclusion zone.. I have asked nick to come to our next meeting.. He will talk
with his staff and the other owner bill.. To sourt out comeing to the next
meeting and giveing us a copy of the letter.. I feel it would be good to see
and ask other cafes etc what there feelings are.. Gather some kind of articall
and image for indymedia.. Then press relese this artical to other media.. Ill
be more than happy to do this.. But something i did not have the oppertunaty to
say last night was this.. I have been active and involved in fighting a proposed
demolition of social hoseing in sheffield city centre.. The oweners of this
social hoseing has asked for planning to knock down.. There is time deadline on
this of the 26th may.. So ill be distracted with this.. As this is a long
outstanding commitmant etc.. More than happy to keep on with my task.. Ill
speak with my crew and see what there feelings are about doing an articall on
the exclusion zone.. I feel it is btter we take on this task as we live work
and play in the city centre and know a load of people who i can speak to.. Can
people reply in the next 24 hours if thay feel this is cool etc.. Then ill get
on with the task..

Kind regards

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