[g8-sheffield] notes from yesterdays meeting / updates

fabian fab at in-no.org
Thu May 12 13:02:48 BST 2005

Hi there...

upcoming events is updated on the wiki

also there is a page for the counterconference now which works like a
focussed timeline for 15th to 17th of June...

and a page for flyer distribution

I put things inside to my best knowledge. If things are missing, wrongly
timed or wrongly spelled (well whatever) then change it or let us know
through the list, if you want someone to change it for you....

Tonight 7.30 meeting at rutland for practical publicity....
See You

Notes from the meeting 10th May

upcoming events
14th MAY a.m. Singing our Visions to the G8, St Matthews, Carver Street

15th MAY Trapese and Schnews
people willing to help and build up, be there at 2pm please
Trapese session from 3pm to 5pm is followed by 15m introduction to
Sheffield G8 and 45m time for newcomers to ask questions and get involved
through workshops...
Schnews meeting at 7pm for build up...be ready to volunteer as contestant.

23rd MAY Banner-Making 19.00 h meeting at Rutland Arms to move on to

26th MAY (organised by WDM:) Linda McAvan speaks about the Commission for
Africa at 7.45 in Quaker Meeting House, St James Street

29th MAY Beyond TV: Mick from beyond TV confirmed, films and live satire
starts 20.00 h at Cricketers Arms...it was proposed to start the session
with a workshop on specific issue like legal support, but nothing was
agreed to do.

1st JUNE Open Public Council meeting with an hour for questions from the
public to city council. It is suggested to use that for Anti-G8 action.
There is gonna be a petition handed in by stop the war coalition. A lot of
public in the meeting could strenghen the petition (that will state that
G8 is not welcome)

Additionally people should sent faxes to local politicians, saying that
they do not like the G8 to come to Sheffield through website
 http://www.writetothem.com that offers a free fax service to local

9th JUNE 7.45pm Socialist Choir and Protest in Harmony singing against the
G8 at SCOTIA Works, Leadmill Rd.

2 Publicity
There is now a propaganda flyer which can be downloaded and handed out.
There will also be a wikipage, where people can see where flyers have been
put. New edition flyer will be produced for early June.
 Someone agreed to create a poster for Sheffield G8 which contains basic
information about what will be happening during the G8 Meeting here/
The IMC will figure out the installation of ADSL Line in Convergence, run
a feature of events in early june, is trying to involve other techies for
the convergence maintenence, is asking people to prepare issue related
articles that can be posted during protest (when traffic on the site is
large), will be present on community festivals (together with food and
anti G8 people)...
We got £250 doneted to us from Burngreave Ashram, will be used for publicity.

3) CounterConference
There will be food support from the food collective.
For now a few workshops have been anounced. Various people from prep group
will contact possible workshop holders. There will be a call out to groups
in Sheffield and around, which will go through the list...
there will be a program draft with it for people can start to put there
workshops in.

4) timeline for action/blabla 15th to 17th focus (please correct me)

Wednesday 15th
10h to 12h 		Morning workshop session
12h to 13h		lunch
13h to 15h		Afternoon Workshop session
16.30h 		Critical Mass
17.00h			March and Rally in city center
19.30h 		poverty banquet in the city center, afterwards ball

Thursday 16th
10h to 12h		Morning Workshop Session
12h to 13h		Lunch
13h to 15h		Afternoon Workshop Session
17h to 19h		Panel: and justice for all...Civil liberties at large
19.30h 		Protest at G8 dinner
>From 20.00h		Filmnight

Friday 17th
10h to 12h		Morning Workshop Session
12h to 13h		Lunch
13h to 15h		Afternoon Workshop Session
16h to 17.30h		Panel: freedom of movement and the right to stay
18h to 19.30h		Panel: Helping Africa: Blairs Africa Gambit
>From 20.00h		Films/Bands/Party

5) further ideas
a genreal discussion around issues of confrontation and how many activists
to expect to come to Sheffield. General agreement to openly invite people
to do workshops from inside and around sheffield, also through dissent
somehow disagreement on how to invite, too late to get activist to plot as
time is short. Protest in Sheffield alsways meant to focus on education
and awareness rising and mobilising for Scotland, as no one wants to get
nicked at this early stage in summer....
There will be a call out proposal soon to be discussed via the list.


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