[g8-sheffield] "How To Spin the G8" - good article on the state, media and protests

adriana hjdsmdr at mixmail.com
Fri May 20 10:38:08 BST 2005

Excellent article indeed. One way to move (i thought, perhaps) persons
could be to quote the excessive amounts of money assigned to (fictional)
security risks, police surveillance operations, etc. suppose running to
millions of pounds, money wasted.
Point out: Who are making a profit/ beneffitting from the situation?

Point two: a bit pedantically, i am trying to remember about *metaphor
and methonimy* (which is not just the part for the whole or viceversa,
but also the cause for the effect or result, etc. To regard part of
these processes (security advisors generating security risks, in the
same way as anti-burglars alarms profit from the existence of burglars
and could not thrive otherwise...)
as a methonimy......

Thanks for the link


Chris wrote:

> Hi
> Somone reposted a good article on indymedia:
> http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2005/05/311469.html
> I thought this was funny:
> "Blair has been sporting his white MPH wrist band..."
> Chris

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