Helen and Nick slendermeans1 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon May 23 23:55:31 BST 2005

Hello a couple of things:)

(1) I need to finalise the "resist big brother" flyer
by Friday and put in as much info as I can about the
timeline of events in sheffield. I am away wed and
Thurs so will finish fri morning so it can to the
printers with the Nether Edge flyer that day.

By Thursday night it would be great inf people could
review the time line and tell me what needs changing.
(I will take off the old stuff anyway). Most pressing
is the blurb to put on for Wed Thurs Fri. Also do
those involved with PiP want anymore detailed info on

As I understand it at the mo:

Wed 5.30pm march, 7.30pm Poverty meal (where etc - any
general things we can say at this stage?)

Thurs day counterconference (start?) 7.30pm defy/no ID
masked ball thingy??

Friday - ??? Late - party with trollyd

(2) Just a late night random thought - if nothing is
planned much for wednesday or Friday daytime we could
do a "Weapons of Mass Information" or some other
craply named thing thing where in two s (if policing
is like Derby) people could mass flyer the city
centre, medowhall, trams, buses with info on the G8.
At the very least I could get tons of the new Dissent
Scotland flyers coming out soon, so doing some
building for Scotland and general awareness raising
(has all the actions on from make poverty history
march, Cr8 summit and blockades). Also I have lots of
a variety of No G8 stickers and can get more. The
convergence space could be used as  a base for people
to get stuff and disperse it.

Ok, hopefully see some of you at Beyond TV on Sunday -
spread the word!


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