[g8-sheffield] Poverty Banquet

Helen and Nick slendermeans1 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon May 23 23:59:20 BST 2005

Sorry my email crossed with this one. New printing
deadline now  - Thursday night - but sooner is always
--- julie w <juliewhite75 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hiya,
> Dougald and Chris have suggested changing banquet to
> thursday.
> This is mostly because it'll probably be at Dev.
> Green and they'll need to 
> set up etc, so don't want to clash with the demo. 
> Also . to seperate the 2 
> events as different people might be attracted to
> different events.
> If you object to this proposed change, email the
> list by 5pm tues (sorry for 
> short notice).  This is because leaflet is eing
> updated and we need to know 
> by then for getting it printed etc.
> Cheers,  Julie
> PS - More banner making madness planned for next
> monday 30th June - meet at 
> 7.30 at the Rutland arms.  We need more sheets. 
> Nick'em off your granny.  
> Raid your local charity shops.
> Please can someone put this event on the website.
> Cheers x
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