[g8-sheffield] Our right to PROTEST..

zerosevenfour two zerosevenfourtwo at hotmail.co.uk
Tue May 24 14:18:49 BST 2005

Off course the police was going to say no. The g8 are here in sheffield on 
whos invite. Next stage is the full meeting on the 1st of June. Here is a 
call out for an occupation of that meeting. This city of Sheffield is the 
city of the people. We have the right to protest and express our discontent 
and on the 1st of june we should not be asking questons but demanding The g8 
circuss to go back where thay come from. Of course this will not happen so 
we have to be prepared to hold a demo on the 15th without there consent. We 
shall not be submissve in our protest ie ones and two,s. This a call out for 
a massive and up for it demo Sheffield has seen since the riots of Darnall 
and this time we shall not stop at there police station but walk right in.
See you there.


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