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Tue May 24 16:40:27 BST 2005

oops, getting my lists confused...

> It would be cool to have a Sheffield map leaflet for Peace 
> in the Park, is anyone on this list a whiz with graphics? 

There's a little map on the back of the peace in the park leaflet. I've 

simplified and put on the wiki at: 



Also from the t'other list,

> Road closures - G8 Justice & Home Affairs meeting 
> As you may already know, Sheffield is hosting the UK Presidency G8 
> Justice & Home Affairs Ministerial Meeting from 15-17th June. 
> Consequently, the Council and South Yorkshire Police have agreed some 

> road closures to accommodate security needs for the meeting. These 
> closures will mean no access for vehicles. These are: 
> 1) Roads around the Marriott Hotel, the main venue for the meeting, 
> will be closed from Monday 13th June, specifically Kenwood Road. 
> 2) The Winter Garden and Millennium Galleries will host a formal 
> welcome reception on the evening of Wednesday 15th June. Several 
> roads around the venue will be closed; Surrey Street from its 

> with Norfolk Street down to Arundel Gate will close from 12 noon 
> (pedestrian access will also be limited), Norfolk Street will close 
> from 4.00pm (this will not affect the rear entrance to the Town Hall, 

> but you may want to use the front entrance instead), and Arundel Gate 

> from 6.00pm. Central Library will close at 4.00pm, and access to the 

> library will be just from the Children's Library entrance on Arundel 

> Gate from 12 noon. The Graves Art Gallery will close earlier than 
> normal. The Winter Garden and Millennium Galleries will be closed all 

> day on the 15th June. 
> 3) The Cutlers' Hall will host a Gala Dinner on the evening of 
> Thursday 16th June. Again several roads around the venue will close 
> from 6.00pm onwards including Church Street, High Street, Fargate, 
> York Street and several side roads. Supertram will terminate at 
> Castle Square and Hanover Way for both inward and outbound journeys 
> from 6.00pm on the 16th. 
> Other than these limited local restrictions on the particular dates 
> the remainder of the City Centre will operate as normal. Council 
> services provided from the Town Hall, Howden House, Derwent House, 
> Redvers House and other central locations should be unaffected and 
> will operate in the usual way. 
> If you work or have meetings in the city centre on these days, you 

> want to plan your journey home from work on the 15th and 16th June so 

> that you set off before 6.00pm, before most of the road closures 
> become effective. 
> I am sure you will agree that for an event of this type and scale the 

> level of disruption to the city is relatively minimal and certainly 
> manageable. The event presents another wonderful chance for us to 
> showcase Sheffield nationally and internationally, with around 150 of 

> the world's media and over 200 delegates and officials from the G8 
> countries in the city for three days. This meeting will bring both 
> economic benefit to the city and a boost to Sheffield's profile. 
> If you have any queries about these arrangements or the event itself 

> please contact Mick Crofts at michael.crofts at sheffield.gov.uk or 27 
> 34022, or Natasha Wagstaff at natasha.wagstaff at sheffield.gov.uk or 20 

> 39079. 
> Please will you pass on the information in this briefing to any 
> colleagues who don't have access to this email. 

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