[g8-sheffield] legall action.

zerosevenfour two zerosevenfourtwo at hotmail.co.uk
Wed May 25 14:29:34 BST 2005

I have a time to meet with my legall team for friday at 11am. Ill print and 
copy all e mails on the ban. If there are people who feel thay can part of 
this challange then please e mail me back of list and we can go and speak to 
them toghther. I feel i can get legall aid to cover any cost. If not i know 
some legall people who might help us out for free. Will e mail them today 
with a link to ongoing coversation on this list about what why etc. I have 
been reading and there are people doing study on this as i e mail. Ill spend 
some of thursday doing likewise. There is a stong chllange here. But i feel 
we will not get far. But it is worth every effort. Keep you in touch.


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