[g8-sheffield] notes from meeting tonight

fabian fab at in-no.org
Wed May 25 22:33:46 BST 2005

the notes from todays meeting..

1) Jillian reports back from the police negotiations. The ban of any 
type of march in the city center on wednesday and thursday is agreed to 
be the most outragous violation of civil liberties.  It is agreed to 
hold a protest for the right to protest on wednesday 15th 5.30 pm on 
Devonshire Green, The tone of the demo will be quite. People will have 
black banners and posters that have words written and black out 
unreadable like in classified documents. Theatric and other expressions 
of our silent protest are prepared. People are invited to propose more 
ideas. Jillian and John go on with the petition that has been discussed 
on the list already. A court case is brought forward against the 
city/police for the right to protest.

TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS, COLLEGES and FAMILIES about the ban on demos and 
marching. Make them join the protest for the right to protest. Write 
letters to the newspaper, call your local counciller.  We need 
solicitors and legal advisers, so if you have any, hand them over.

2) Events Timeline 15th to 17th June
Wednesday 10 am insurgent breakfast at Convergence Centre, Plaza, 
Spital Hill 66, Burngreave
afterwards various practical workshops on banner making, demo 
preparation and Weapons of Mass Information (Teams  leave for various 
locations and routes thorughout the city to get people informed and 
5.30 pm Devonshire Green Protest for the right to Protest
from 20.00 h Bands and OPen Mic at Convergence Centre

Thursday from 10am at Convergence Centre Workshops of Counterconference
7.30 pm Make Poverty History Dinner at Devonshire Green
21.00 pm Filmnight at Convergence Centre

Friday from 10am Workshops continue
Friday from 10pm Party

3) Poster is there and everybody likes it, thanks to atw will go out as 
soon as possible.
4) There will be space to agitate on peace in the park along with 
Brambels food collective and direct action workshop people are invited 
to do workshops.
5) Next Banner Making Wednesday 30th 7 pm.
6) we got another 50 pound donation.
7) Counterconference will have Broadband Internet and Media Centre, 
will have workshops by stop ID, No Sweat, make borders history, global 
footprints, rethinking security, media activism, banner making and of 
course food by the sheff food collective.
8) Come to Beyond TV Sunday 29th 8pm cricketers arms bramall lane.

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