[g8-sheffield] Sheffield Call Out DEMO BANNED

fabian fab at in-no.org
Wed May 25 23:06:32 BST 2005

Evit the Big Brother - Resist the G8
Sheffield: Wednesday 15th to Friday 17th June 2005

Sheffield Against The G8  (SAG8) invites you to join three days of 
resistance and
change, of action and reflection around the G8 Justice and Home Affairs
Ministers Meeting 15th to 17th of June. It seems to many of us as an
ideally timed forum for preparation, plotting, creating alternatives in
advance of the G8 Summit in Scotland. Also it seems to be a very 
date to voice our critique. The issues at stake in Sheffield ministerial
meeting are at the core of our concerns about state politics in 
capitalism: War on Terror, Migration and Civil Liberties.

...civil liberties at large...
Parallel to the G8 ministerial meeting from 15th to 17th June various
actions and a counter-conference will take place in Sheffield, where in
workshops, panels, film-screenings and discussions, our dissent with the
G8-Politics will be further developed and expressed.
These days in Sheffield will be highly policed with thousands of 
to be expected. Their very presence will prove to what degree state
politics in so-called democratic countries rely on sheer
deterrence and terror against any possible opposition. Every of those
police-wo/men is signifying the growing fear among the self acclaimed 
leaders to loose their control. Everyone of us standing up against their
agendas and authority will get us there a bit earlier.

...demos banned from city centre...
After negotiations with the police about a protest march on the 15th 
June in Sheffield City Centre SAG8 was told that no marches or 
demonstrations will be tolerated during the ministerial meeting. SAG8 
is calling for a massive response to this outragous violation of civil 

Join the Protest and Resist!
SAG8 has secured convergence-spaces to host
people from outside Sheffield from Saturday 11th until Saturday 18th 
If you are planning to come over from far (inside or outside of the UK) 
protest in Scotland against the G8, why not stop by in Sheffield and 
our protest.
Whether you want to offer some of your skills in workshops, discuss 
with others in panels, prepare actions for Scotland, have defiant fun 
in the streets of Sheffield, just come along.

Please get in contact if you are planning to come over, offer workshops 
have questions

g8-sheffield at lists.aktivix.org


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