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OK here's the leaflet text. I've made quite a few changes but feel
free to say if you don't like them, want to change more etc. I think
compared to the work of distributing its worth trying to get this as
good as poss first.

I'm still unsure about a few other things. The ironic title "Nether
Edge Welcoming Committee" could come across as a bit sinister and
possibly aggressive. This is probably the first interaction most
Nether Edge residents will have had with the anti-G8/globalisation
movement and given all the hysteria in the press, TV many people may
already be stereotyping us as violent thugs etc. Also as it's signed
SAG8 it's inconsistant. I was actually trying to think of something
more catchy for a headline. Something that will immediately make
people want to read more. Remember our bit of paper will be competing
with all the other bits of junk mail that goes through people's
letterboxes. "Democratic rights suspended in Sheffield" was one idea I

I was also unsure about the last bit:

awkward, unwieldy boxes down the street; perhaps a scarecrow or an
unseasonal 'guy' of the G8 ministers might look very nice in your
front garden;

Although these are good ideas I really can't imagine people round here
going to that much trouble. If anyone even puts up a poster it'd be
good. I was thinking instead we should encourage letter writing to
MP's, press, phone ins to radio etc. as these are the kind of
activities that they are more likely to do anyway. But maybe I'm
writing off people's radical aspirations before they get the chance?
I'm not sure. Whaddya reckon?

Finally I think it's vital we leave some sort of contact. I was
thinking of the email list since the archives are open and you don't
have to join to post messages.

Anyway here's the text...




Nether Edge G8 Welcoming Committee invite you to speak to the G8:

>From the 15th - 17th June the Justice and Interior Ministers from the
eight most powerful countries in the world - the G8 - will meet in
Nether Edge in the Marriot Hotel on Kenwood Road. The G8 is a self
appointed, non-democratic institution that makes important decisions
on things that affect the whole world. These include things like as
global warming and poverty in Africa yet the G8 are accountable to no

The G8 is not interested in hearing people's views whether from Africa
or Nether Edge but will of course be using your tax money to fund this
meeting. And the British government is helping silence all opposition
to the G8. The fundamental democratic right, the right to protest,
will be suspended and demonstrations are to be banned in Sheffield for
the duration of the G8 meeting. The only permitted protest space will
be on Devonshire Green, more than a mile away from the actual meeting.
Being in a group of more than 2 people will be illegal and some Nether
Edge residents will require ID passes to get into their own homes.

These laws effectively stop anyone voicing their opposition to the G8
or their policies. These include controversial issues like the
continuing war in Iraq and the 'war on terrorism,' compulsory ID
cards, immigration, detention without trial, house arrests, and the
question of the (il)legitimacy of the G8 itself.

However, despite this suspension of basic democratic rights, residents
of Nether Edge may be the only people who still have a chance to to
send any kind of message to the G8 at all.

What You Can Do:

The G8 ministers will be travelling right through Nether Edge to get
to this meeting, perhaps right past your front door. Why not make a
banner or window poster, to let them know what you think - "G8  not
welcome", "Stuff the G8", or any message of your own. Or you can let
your imagination and creativity loose; perhaps if you've been thinking
of hiring a skip the 15th might be a good day to have a lot of
awkward, unwieldy boxes down the street; perhaps a scarecrow or an
unseasonal 'guy' of the G8 ministers might look very nice in your
front garden; what else you can think of to get your message
across...have some fun with it and see what's possible...

- Sheffield Against the G8

More about what's happening in Sheffield and how you can get involved:


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