[g8-sheffield] publicity

Chris chris at aktivix.org
Thu May 26 15:43:35 BST 2005


On Thu 26-May-2005 at 02:31:51PM +0100, fabian wrote:
> > If somone can update the timetable on the wiki that would
> > be cool :-)
> >
> is done...

OK, timetable page is also updated...

> helene, for flyer purposes there might be another
> workshop update later today...I'll let u know.  for the
> poster there is the proposition to keep it simple and
> have only four dates published on it

Yeah, on the assumption that the Sheffield Stop the War
Coalition has cancelled their protests in town on the 15th
& 16th -- can someone check with them? They still have
them listed on their web site...


If these are going ahead then they might as well be listed
(on our timetable as well as the leaflet)?


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