[g8-sheffield] Nether Edge leaflet

atw againstthewar at totalserve.co.uk
Fri May 27 10:42:13 BST 2005

Ok I've added the flyer to the wiki...


also accessibe from the publicity page...


So anyone can edit it or change it now (or make suggestions to this
list if you're not confident using the wiki, though I've only just
started using it and it seems really good and easy to use - despite
the lack of a help page). If anyone makes changes I guess its best to
inform this list too.

I've changed this...

JP> The ban is on groups of two or more, not groups of more than two.

and this...

JP> Generally agree about the heading but too tired to think of one - yours is
JP> good.

but not this... anyone else want to do it?

JP> I'd say include the letter-writing etc options and maybe just say
JP> 'the 15th might be a good day to have a skip, or what about an
JP> unseasonal 'guy' ' etc - i.e. just cut this down a bit, but leave
JP> the general idea of being creative. There will be some people who
JP> will respond!

JP> Is there going to be pictures? there was mention of a Nether Edge house plus
JP> banner?

Yeah we have some pics of a banner in Nether Edge.

JP> I'm wondering whether I'd mind my phone number being on the leaflet. I would
JP> be OK with a specific email being directed to me 'netheredge at activix or
JP> whatever, if that could be sorted. I think the email list would be too scary
JP> for most folk.

Yeah agreed, although any replies (esp if of a political nature) would
have to be agreed upon as I imagine we may all have different views
and this would represent the whole group.. but which one? SAG8 or
Nether Edge AG8 ???? Perhaps a local Nether Edge group would sound



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