[g8-sheffield] right to protest..

zerosevenfour two zerosevenfourtwo at hotmail.co.uk
Fri May 27 11:39:05 BST 2005

I have spoken and spent a good part of thursday in study.. we need to know 
what laws the police are useing ie going to invoke and how thay are going to 
use them. we need to conferm this as we my leagal team can not act on 
rumours etc.. thay are going to get in touch with the police direct.. i will 
not know much befor tuesday next week.. on a personal front i have been told 
if the police are going to be as active i should stay away from any form of 
action and protest. it would be cool to have others thoughts on this as this 
a real dilema i can not work out. my legall team feel very much i will be 
arrested.. there is a very real hassel here as i find myself on abind over 
to semptember.. if broken i could goto prison.. though thay are confidant 
this would not happen.. thay feel it wise i seek other peoples thoughts and 
talk with them againe.. thay are going to ring me as soon as thay have 
spoken with the police..


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