Helen and Nick slendermeans1 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri May 27 15:12:10 BST 2005

(1) Draft timeline flyer on Wiki: ALL - please check
content. ATW - I have dropped your design in as best I
can - if you can improve please do. 

(2) Printing run is booked in at Juma for Tuesday.
Good quality paper copies needed and/or on CD with
"all fonts embedded". Can Gavin and atw bring
finalised paper copies to Beyond TV (I don't have a
printer)? So that makes Sunday the deadline.

(3) Posters: We were informed that folk wanted in
excess of a 1000 posters printed. 1000 Black and white
A3 posters = £33 @ Juma . They do not do A2 posters

We think the group would struggle to put up more than
1000 posters in 2 weeks.

Also some A2 would be good - but if this was the only
format we could not get them put up in shops etc as
they are so big. Our recommendation is to run off 1000
A3 and worry about A2 when we have time to worry about
them. or get a small number of A2 done at Staples for
key locations.

(4) Budget:  Assuming we have £220 left:
1000 A3 = £33
1000 A4 timeline flyer = £40
1500 A5 Netheredge flyer = £35
2000 "Jenny" letters A5 = £40
Helene n Nick

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