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adriana hjdsmdr at mixmail.com
Sat May 28 02:47:14 BST 2005

Then there are other bills being invoked, Kathleen, as groups of more
than 2 persons will not be allowed on certain areas. not even for strolling.
(check previous messages)

Also check Legal Stuff on

Kathleen Holliday wrote:

>> Do we know what powers have been invoked yet? As far as I can see
>> with Derby they (mis)used the Public Order Act of 1986.
> If it is this one, (Thatchers grand plan!) then the sensible thing to
> do would be to break up into non-conspicuous groups of less than 14
> people without any type of uniform dress. At least to start with.
> This act is more or less the one used to control football crowds.
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