[g8-sheffield] G8 Sheffield Live Radio?

Dan dan at aktivix.org
Sat May 28 10:21:01 BST 2005

Hey up,

It occured to me yesterday that Sheffield Live are getting their yearly 
FM slot - starting, I think, on June 14th.  Rather apt timing.

It's quite a lot of work, so maybe we don't have the capacity, but...

Obviously, it depends on what Sheffield Live's line-up is looking like - 
but in principle, who fancies doing maybe three half hour or one hour 
slots throughout the weekend of the G8 arriving in Sheffield?  Sheffield 
Indymedia have done it before, n it was fun!  (Although I was too 
cowardly to try actually talking...)

A lot of Indymedia bods'll be busy with other stuff on the weekend, but 
we'd need one person able to use the equipment.

A list of things we could do:

*Pre-prepared stuff - that worked quite well last time
*Make Poverty History and Scotland build-up stuff
*Reporting back on what's happening with the Sheffield G8 meeting and 
trying to get people to go
*Interviewing someone from Liberty, and Amnesty about their latest 
damning report into the US and UK role in global torture networks

Maybe we don't have enough people / time for this (we'd have to sort it 
soon) - but if three or four people think its doable, then its doable.


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