[g8-sheffield] Good and bad protesters

adriana hjdsmdr at mixmail.com
Mon May 30 04:03:32 BST 2005

 From our twin team latest comuniqué:

Dissent are going to be "the bad protesters"
MPH are going to be "the good protesters"

(at least in Scotland)....
Please go on reading:

All Dissent-wide decisions must be made at Dissent consensus meetings,
> however, local groups and working groups can make decisions and even speak
> to the media if they wish as local groups. Reshape will be making various
> maps and a guide for radicals visiting Scotland, to be available before
> the summit. There is another large network called the Southeast assembly
> that will be mobilising around the G8, based primarily around London, and
> shares many local groups with Dissent.
> Dissent: www.dissent.org.uk
> Reshape (Scotland Local Group in Dissent Network): www.reshape.org.uk
> Southeast Assembly: www.resistg8.org.uk
> G8 Alternatives: G8 Alternatives is a mostly socialist coalition that only
> organises in Scotland. They have monthly meetings that anyone can attend,
> and have attracted attention from locals in places in Scotland where
> Dissent has not. Although their numbers are small, the Trotskyist
> Socialist Workers Party dominates the so-called consensus meetings, making
> all decisions behind closed doors in an anti-democratic manner while
> pretending to have consensus. The Socialist Workers Party openly
> co-operates with the police, and is known for their deceit and will do
> everything possible to disrupt anarchists and direct action. However,
> parts of G8 Alternatives like Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) and
> many of the membership are sympathetic to Dissent, so while we should be
> hostile to the Socialist Workers Part*y* (SWP), do not dismiss the rest of
> the activists in G8 Alternatives. Their plans are to hold an alternative
> summit in Edinburgh and a march on Gleneagles in co-operation with the
> police without any direct action.
> www.g8alternatives.org.uk
> Make Poverty History: This is one of the largest conglomerations of NGO
> (Non-Governmental Organisations) ever, who plan to protest the G8 by
> marching the weekend before in Edinburgh in hope of lobbying the G8 to
> take on poverty issues in the "Third World". It is led by groups like
> Oxfam, their organisers are estimating 100,000 people will march. The
> current media focus seems to be on groups of anarchists disrupting the
> march and attacking the Scottish Parliament, which as a tactic has never
> been mentioned by anyone in Dissent. The march organisers are quite afraid
> of this possibility as well. Already the media is casting "Make Poverty
> History" as the "good protesters" and Dissent as the "bad protesters".
> www.makepovertyhistory.org



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