[g8-sheffield] Good and bad protesters

atw againstthewar at totalserve.co.uk
Mon May 30 14:29:30 BST 2005

I think the problem is a clear difference of political beliefs. The
NGO's think they can change things by working with the government and
inside the system whereas others see the government/capitalist system
as the problem.

How hostile are these groups to Dissent etc. anyway? One way would be
to contact them directly if they put out any negative statements about

Also I it's a mistake to confuse 'normal people' with groups like MPH.
They're not the same and any views expressed by MPH are no more
connected to the views of ordinary people than those of Dissent or any
other groups.

I think Dissent and anticapitalist actions will inevitably be heavily
slated by a pro capitalist media. This is actually better than not
being ignored by the press because it does at least mean we are
visible and powerful enough to worry them.


CM> I think that the observation that has come out of this which is the
CM> most interesting, in terms of not coinciding with what I would have
CM> anticipated, is the degree to which the MPH key organisations are
CM> afraid of and perhaps even hostile in a sense to Dissent and
CM> associated direct action focussed groups. I think that this can be
CM> considered clear evidence of the difficulty the direct action driven
CM> movement has in engaging with the wider populace, significantly
CM> because of a refusal to speak against creative and direct protest
CM> driven by genuine grievances, or which are perceived to be genuine.
CM> The key challenge continues to be how Dissent etc can continue to
CM> support all strongly direct action against the status quo but at the
CM> same time engage 'normal people' (sorry, but we know what I mean by
CM> it). Make Poverty HIstory and other similar groups are typically
CM> willing to condemn types of behaviour that Dissent would refuse to
CM> condemn. As a result, Dissent gains 'ownership' only of those types of
CM> action which are widely condemned, while Dissent's involvement in
CM> widely supported action is subjugated by stronger/wealthier/more
CM> populous/ more famous movements.

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