[g8-sheffield] Make justice history

Dan dan at aktivix.org
Tue May 31 01:24:21 BST 2005


Just got a great idea from George Monbiot. From his article in this 
morning's Guardian (which I get helicoptered in specially before they 
hit the shops...)

"Yet again the British government is outsourcing its ethics, using the 
policy of an international body to make justice history."

We've gotta use 'make justice history' somewhere! E.g. -

On June 15-17 the ‘Justice and Home affairs’ ministers of the G8, the 
world’s seven richest nations and Russia, will gather in Sheffield to 
discuss how best to make justice history.

They are building of a global terror network, they are outsourcing 
torture... etc.

p.s. I don't want to bring the state down! I think some people in our 
highest courts have been doing stirling work in defending our rights. An 

"Security is no justification for the breach of the fundamental 
principles which underpin our democratic system. No deprivation of 
liberty by ministerial say so, no midnight secret knock on the door, no 
gulags whether in Siberia or in Guantanamo."
Lord Thomas, Liberal Democrat, former High Court judge.


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