[g8-sheffield] Parade for Peace and Understanding

Jason spodulike at freeuk.com
Mon Apr 24 09:07:52 BST 2006


On Saturday 3rd June the general cemetary hosts the 4th Peace in the Park
festival, but it would be a pity to just have just one little island of
peace in the city, so we would like to have a Parade of Peace and
Understanding, going from the centre and moving through Sheffield to the
festival. Those with sharp senses will note this is similar to the G8 march
last year - we thought that provided a really good atmosphere and political
focus for the festival. This year it would be good to have stuff happening
in town, turning into a fun and fluffy parade that will both inform and

There is a meeting to organise the parade on Thursday 4th May from 7pm at
the Matilda Social Centre on Matilda St (for directions see
http://www.matilda.aktivix.org/). All ideas and all participation welcome!



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