[g8-sheffield] next climate camp meeting in Talamh (Scotland)

jono Jono at damtp.cam.ac.uk
Sat Jul 1 22:41:17 BST 2006

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Below is the agenda for the next Climate Camp gathering 
(http://www.climatecamp.org.uk), which will take place at Talamh Housing 
Co-operative on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 July.

Directions are online at http://climatecamp.org.uk/nextmeeting.htm :
please come equipped for camping -- bring tents, sleeping bags, warm
clothing, torch, plate and cutlery, midge repellent.

Food will be cooked by the wonderful G42 collective from Glasgow and will
cost ten pounds for the weekend. Please tell us if you are coming, so we
can get an idea for how many people we need to cook. And if you have any
special needs, need an indoor sleeping space or creche facilities please
tell us as soon as possible.

Absolutely no dogs are allowed.

Sorry this is a bit later than planned.

Facilitation team

Sat July 9, 10.30 -6pm

(10-11, small finance group meeting with one delegate from each working

10.30 Welcome, Housekeeping, Agenda

11.00 in parallel:

- what's happened so far and how to get involved session
- discussion on our desired outcomes for the camp

11.30 break

11.45 Workshop on Drax, coal and climate change

12.45 Update from land group

1-2pm Lunch

2pm camp booklet presentation

2.10pm finance at the camp presentation

2.20pm squatting and the law: presentation, Q&A

2.40pm do we tell people the site is squatted and how?

2.50pm neighbourhood feedback and discussion. What do we still need and
where can we get it from?
Info on transport.

3.50pm break

4.10 In parallel:

- Organising in Scotland meeting (includes how to get to the camp from
- How are people getting to the camp?
- actionsupport meeting

6pm till dinner: A game of The Carbon Factor (dry run before the camp, for
those who feel like physical exertion)


9.30 Start
9.35 Working groups meet

12.00 Detailed feedback from working groups. What's done, what's on track,
any challenges?

1-2 Lunch

2-2.45 crossover time in working groups

2.45- 4.15 Working group time

4.15 Any feedback from working groups

4.30 Announcements, next meeting, travel pool, etc

4.45 Evaluation of gathering

5pm finish of meeting

after that: tidying up and cooking dinner for those that are staying the

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