[g8-sheffield] What should we do with this list?

Dan dan at aktivix.org
Thu Jun 1 20:11:38 BST 2006

Whatever happened to the Northern protest announce list? What was it 
called again?  Is there any reason we couldn't use that for Sheffield 
stuff, given that we'd presumably not be averse to letting others in the 
region know what was going on...?

Wish I could remember what it was called...!


Chris wrote:
> Hi
> On Wed 31-May-2006 at 04:02:24PM +0100, Jason wrote:
>>That does sound like a good idea, there isn't one list
>>for that kind of stuff in Sheffield so would be good -
>>that said I'd be more in favour of announcements only
>>rather than discussion cos one of the advantages of this
>>list is that it's not heavy traffic...
> Perhaps we need two then?
>   sheffield-protest-discuss
>   sheffield-protest-announcement
> Anyone else have any thoughts on this...?
> Chris
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>>The G8 isn't going to be back in Sheffield for a while,
>>yet there is clearly a need for some kind of Sheffield
>>protest discussion / announcements list...
>>Does creating a new sheffield-protests lists and inviting
>>everyone here to join it sound like a good idea? Then we
>>could close this list (this is a lot simpler than renaming
>>this list).

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