[g8-sheffield] Long Live Matilda's Spirit

R&A robin_amparo at tiscali.co.uk
Sat Jun 24 01:38:22 BST 2006

Hi guys and lasses,

I loved every letter i have read today, including Dan's first letter
(though seems quite unfeasible to me in pragmatic terms, given the
determination of the Client), and particularly AED's ironic letter,
which really gets to the point.

Seem to be missing every meeting though

It would be great to attend the next and final meeting this Monday isn't
it deadline by solicitors? And above all, 9am on the day Tuesday 27th,
as suggested. Let's be there with our cameras as well.

Mr. Timothy's letter has been read with great hilarity too by myself and
partner in tribulation. But contains some nasty pieces like confusing
penknives and screwdrivers for something aggressive, and 0742's good
will and determination with something aggressive as well.

As for the direct action , it is herein proposed
that our walls at the Matilda (external ones) are used to inform the
community, and asked here permission to do so by whoever concerned: they
will not be damaged (black external walls and door to M... art gallery 
--which by the way we built with our very own hands, remember?)
just use them to stick (with blue tack or simple non toxic glue) A4
papers, to post our views, stories about Matilda , etc. The same ones
that will be fed on the guest books, etc. Why do i propose this? To
inform the general public: they look at and read with real curiosity
what is outside the building , all kinds and ages of persons. They only
see the legal proceedings notices, unless something has been changed in

Long live Matilda's spirits, long live the moles


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