[g8-sheffield] Demos/protests and the police

R G May soa03rgm at sheffield.ac.uk
Thu Mar 16 21:15:11 GMT 2006

       I am currently doing my 3rd year in sociology at the university of
sheffield. For my final year dissertation i am doing a study on the
relationship between protesters and the police. I am at the moment carrying out
interviews and could do with a few more people. So i was just wondering if
anyone would mind me interviewing them, it can be done around sheffield town
center or the union weekday's or evenings and will only take between 15 and 30
minutes (depending on how much you have to say) All data will be taken
anonymously and names will be changed. Unfortunatly i can't offer any finacial
insentive, just a huge thank you and maybe a drink??

If anyone could help me out that would be fantastic!!

Robert May

soa03rgm at sheffield.ac.uk

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