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Where is the meeting and what time?

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Today's Topics:

1. Nuclear Power No Thanks? Public meeting 7pm Tue 11 April
(Jillian Creasy)


Message: 1
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 11:32:58 +0100
From: "Jillian Creasy" 
Subject: [g8-sheffield] Nuclear Power No Thanks? Public meeting 7pm
Tue 11 April
To: "Alison Jinks" 
, "susan jespersen"
, "dave jefferies" ,
"jeff" , "danitza jadresic"

, "cathy ivy" ,
, "charlie illingworth" ,
"rebecca hutten" , "Phil Hutchinson"
, "Angus Hunter"
, "Natalie Hunt" ,
"steve houfe" , "ankie hoogvelt"
, "Dougald Hine" ,
"Cathy Hill" , "tom heller"
, "Colin Havard" ,
"dave harvard" , "Zahid Hamid"
, "adrian hallam"
, "adrian hallam"
, "riaz hafiz" ,
"Alistair Griggs \(home\)" , "Green, Geoff"
, "Vipin Goyal" ,
"andy gordon" , "kevin gillan"
, , "Simon Geller"
, "david garlovsky"
, "mandy gamsu"
, "g8" 
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Dear Friends
Please come, please forward

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