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Sun Apr 8 13:31:47 BST 2007

You will note a dark writing by Mr Elbe leaith, i have spent the day with
the man himself in the woods talking and walking about his writing and the
person concerned of whom i knew. Winston Smith was one of those
omnipresent caricaturist of Sheffield then as the suddenness of night
coming he dispersed...

Never reading the local news rag other than the telegraph and i wonder why
i pay 75 pence to read such trivia.. I had no clue and never gave much
more thought to disappearance of Winston Smith. Elbe leaith and myself
spent the rest of good Friday taking photographs chewing the fat of life i
have got to add it has been a nice warm spring day, clear blue sky,s Elbe
leaith has again left my side...

Leaving myself with much to think about and ponder over the next few days.
One finds himself back to when i left Rawmarsh it has taken that long to
begin my slow disappearance, 45 Marlborough Road lays once again empty and
i can only begin to speculate as to why it was empty, at least it has
given space for a friend though i feel he is not speaking the whole truth
and neither is myself this is the bullshit world i find myself caught up

I aim to spend the weekend in pontification as to where next all you need
to ask as you read this who is Elbe leaith is he just the schizophrenic
self of 0742 well take care now all i can tell you the following story is
true enjoy...
Eventually we will be there:

Elbe leaith returned, he had been sat on Berbage rocks from when Monday
the last time we had seen each other. He rang me on the grate hangover day
that was Thursday saying can i use your computer man i have something i
need to write he has just left...

Informing me it was cool for me to publish what he had written...

It was a warm the summer of 2005 it stays with me for lots of reasons one
of them being this was the year The Circus come to town in the form of The
G8. I still find myself unsure about what point there was to any of the

This however comes into unimportance to what happen latter the same year.
It is only now i can write about the events and what happened.. The circle
of friends always suspected something was not right with Winston Smith, we
all loved him just as much as other loathed him. You got to know Winston
Smith you began to love him.. .

Yes he was hard work full of his own contradictions and hypocrisy, now for
those who disliked him it proved to myself how into themselves they was.
Ive never had time for anarchist since the stupid days of The Sheffield
Anarchist, it was just the same for The left i view them just the same as
the parasites named Christens. So understanding something of politics i
also understood what must have driven Winston Smith to his actions...

On the night July 31st the day before his he was forty, Winston Smith got
on the 9:58 22 bus, he had with him a fold up ladder, rope and stool. He
departed from the bus as Graves Park and walked a little distance to a
tree he had named Icobod. Once there he unfolded the ladder and lent it
against Icobod, climbing the ladder with the rope round his shoulder he
then tied the rope to one of the strongest branches...

He must have spent some time working all of this out the rope was 6ft from
the ground, it had a noose at one end, he then placed the stool under the
nose, folding the ladder away and hiding it in the bushed on the left. He
sat there till 11.55 pm, then standing on the stool he took his life. It
was early Morning that Ms Williams discovered the hanging Winston Smith,
as she took her early morning walk with her beloved dog...

Half an hour latter Winston Smith was in a body bag and driven away. I got
a phone call from The Police asking could i attend The Station. Also
informing me they wanted to give an identification to who they suspected
to be Winston Smith. It was Winston Smith and four weeks latter we was
placing him into the earth. There was only three people there, i have not
spoken or written about this since the 7th of September 2005, for a lot of
reason i write this as a realize of the omnipresent thoughts and urban
paranoia i have concerning the death of Winston Smith, there was nothing
we could do to stop this, i also suspect that Winston Smith is far more
happy now then he has ever been...

For him life was a burden and one day ill write more on Winston Smith, not
sure why i have written this. However me and 0742 have another weekend
planed in Rawmarsh he also knew Winston Smith, this will be the first time
he will be aware of his death, because we placed the rumor round he had
simply gone away, while true we never gave any more than just this. No
doubt 0742 and myself will talk more..

Elbe leaith

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