[g8-sheffield] reflections in blue composition #no2..

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Fri Apr 13 12:03:08 BST 2007

reflections in blue composition #no2..

Me and the great Elebe Leith spent all of Thursday in very deep
conversation, then at around 3.30pm he played me a tune of his named:
reflections in blue composition #no2.., sometimes music speaks to you with
the lyrics, here there is none. However it speaks to you as much as Tom
Waits or Bob Dylan.. It is to be frank a simple tune and you can sit there
thinking about the Urban Paranoia of everyday life in flames, as the brain
dead wander around, some scarred black with their burns, bodies laid upon
the roads and pavements. Though it is not November the 5th, the sound and
smells are just like it. Though it is a foggy Start to what will become a
brilliant day of sunshine, you realised something was not right, the
bloody sandwich shop was shut. Then you almost trip over the first dead
body, there are people out and about looking confused, inside i find
myself smiling, so this is it the start of the disintigration of
everything we know to be wrong. One moement you was free to do as you was
told, now you are free to be you.

The day before, Mother Earth was in a mass orgy as spring came into bloom.
Now you walk the April day, having escaped what had happened to much of
the population. You now place all your knowledge of the Urban Paranoia
into play. You take a 4x4 and drive upto Claywheels Industrial Estate you
get some supplies, then onto the T.A. base of Endcliffe Vale Road. The
dream you have had for years comes into being.. You then drive into the
Mayfield Valley and break into the old school. Hoping that the USA will
not come and save us, that what has happened has happened to the whole

These was some of the thoughts i had as Elebe played me reflections in
blue composition #no2. Owning a digital Camera means you can wander round
Sheffield and have such day dreams, i can speak them out loud to Mr Leith,
we got on the 52 bus at around 4.30pm we decided to go to his squat by the
canal and have a walk. I took some images, it was a still the 12th of
April, the night before i got a little drunk with some friends, now i
might have discoverd the new village fool and when drunk they peform more
than sober.

Not sure if it is exploitation, but it pleased me to watch them in action
and i had a good laugh plus i had a real need to get drunk, to ease the
burden of everyday life that is being 0742 and some days i wish i was as
free as Mr Leith. His sqaut is an old factory that looks over the still
waters of The Sheffield Canal there is no real chance of him being found,
becuase he becomes just a shadow in the run down derelict area where he
has set up home and, like those who have nice homes up Morehall, i do not
envy them but just desire to be rid of the history and reputation that has
become 0742. But then i guess we all desire this, anyhow here are the
images. :reflections in blue composition #no2..:Enjoy.

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