[g8-sheffield] The trivia of bullshit..

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Tue Apr 24 16:11:49 BST 2007

Hello.. The last time i found myself in the Washington it was full of
Pretentious Artists and Bullshitters. Monday night found Zontar and
friends in Da Shallow End.. Zontar has some strange friends but as an
alien you would expect that.. He had just been to the Open Up opening, now
one is not sure if the Middle Class were being polite and correct.. Fuck,
their empire gilt would not allow them stand accused of xenophobia (true
meaning: a fear of aliens).. So Zontar with his own film crew, along with
a Transvestite, took over Open Up, subverting the night with a bit of
situationism, one is sure the Middle Class thought it all to be part of
the night.. No it was not, neither did we have an invite but we had a

We moved onto The Washington and walking in with Zontar has all the wimmin
falling over you.. So there i find myself chatting up & away to an awesome
lady, then a pissed up Bufo decides he needs to create a negative karma
for himself, half scaring the fuck out the young lady, he was soon to
leave with Zontar, leaving me to chat away. We left the pub and, being a
gent, i offered to walk her and mates home of which i did as we talked
more.. Then at her door we exchanged e-mails and phone no's, no doubt i'll
find myself back in touch..

It has been a strange week, in that time i have got Abstract Urban Bucolic
working, suffered the assault of Bullshitters, been told one thing while
it meant an another but you move on and upwards. This working class
scumbag will not become another day time Television Addict, neither will
he go back to smoking shit to numb the pain of being working class, numb
the anger of being working class.. One will fight back through
pretentiousartist.com if we do not make this time ours, we fail to take
the opportunities, we can not complain about our poverty..

2 years on from the G8 in Sheffield, those who said i needed to move on,
have not done so themselves, neither have they done jack shit to ease
their own poverty and they think i'll be their scapegoat for their own
negativity? I do not suffer fools but shout at them along with the Middle
Class, i will not find myself mourning the death of the innocent, we have
to much to lose with wasting our time on such trivia, likewise the trivia
of trying to make people see their own poverty is an equal waste of time..

Meanwhile inside i have never been so at ease with the Earth, our Mother,
all around us is a mass orgy, the cherry blossom, tress sharing their
splendour The woods are carpeted with bluebells, in the last 24 hours we
have had some rain and i feel a mid afternoon walk coming on and some more
bucolic images will no doubt appear. There is a planned walk of The
Deedahists starting at Edale on Wed this following our mammoth 15 or was
it 18 mile wonder on Monday 16.4.07.. Shit has it been that long since i
dropped notes here.. Well, life takes over, hugging trees chatting to very
pleasant ladies, hanging out with Zontar, all takes its time.. I have been
told there are moves to make a statue of me for Fitzalan Sq, so the
proleta-riot of the animal kingdom, the Pigeons can shit on me, well it
has to better than the bullshit of the circles i find myself in and
they're ever decreasing,, Help i need a normal life, any offers?

one love..

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