[g8-sheffield] Climate Change IS THE EVOLUTION OF MAN

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Thu Jan 18 14:27:22 GMT 2007

and the end of civilisation

Harold Saxton Burr (neuro-anatomist) discovered the electro dynamic force
fields of living organisms. He showed each species and subspecies of plant
has its own pattern. He scientifically proved that trees show a daily
rhythm, minimum in the early morning and maximum in the evening. Their bio
electrical fields react to the phases of the moon and the solar cycle.

Trees show an annual rhythm, minimum in april and maximum in september.
The turning points of the annual rhythm are the equinoxes.

Czech scientist Vladimir Rajda proved that it was possible to heal sick
trees by raising their electrical currents back to normal levels. In this
context treehugging no longer seems ridiculous. A person's physical
distance from the electrically active layers of xylem and phloem is only a
few centimetres at most so that real energy exchange is inevitable. So the
so called "hippy" treehuggers are not only raising their own vibration and
healing themselves but are also helping our trees to be healthy

The global holocaust is a continuous everyday rape of life.Everyday
animals are eviscerated, women are raped, children molested and murdered,
species pushed to extinction. The earth our home, our life, the mother of
all life is ravaged. A stand must be taken now for the crisis is upon us,
LOVE must be declared, our culture and its corrupt supporters must fall..

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