[g8-sheffield] racist comments

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Fri May 4 15:43:19 BST 2007

If my last blog was read then the racist comments from the fair weather
friends would not be made. The naive understanding that a vote for nobody
is not a vote against the social disintegration of modern society The rise
of the far right agreed is a complex problem and needs more than simply
kicking them to the pavement. We need to understand why we are where we
find our selfs If only the anarchist supported the IRA and could see more
than the simplistic bullshit of there nationalism, take a look at the
imperialist occupation of Ireland, the reason for the rise of the IRA. i
have always made it clear i supported them without any conditions to that
support. The same reason i understand the disenfranchisement of those who
committed vile acts of 7 7 2005, just as the same as the vile pub bombings
of the 1970s from The IRA we need to look at the reasons Not shout racist
remarks about pakies and so forth do we ffw one? Neither do we need to
vote for the far right do we ffw two? You both have an understanding
capitalism and how it works, neither do we need to say destroy all

No we need to understand the nature of Modern Authoritarian Capitalism,
and while i'd agree an anarchist society is a better society than where we
are now. What we need to ask is how we get there? I had no pleasure in
participating in the bullshit of democracy like you i agree it does not
exist, unlike you i do not participate in the game of blame and saying the
problems lie with one part of this world community. I welcome culture
because culture gives us diversity and diversity gives us the opportunity
to look at ourselves, not consider we are right..

Such simplistic crass arguments are of those who support capitalism, if
you are saying you desire a better world then you understand the 
disenfranchisement of the people and give them the reasonable opportunity
they so desire and not look upon the vile acts of  7 7 2005 as the problem
of those who committed those acts but a problem for us all to consider.

I love culture, i enjoy being a part of multi cultural society, and yes i
agree immigration is a problem we need to take a look at and have a
reasonable conversation about.

All you are doing fair weather friends with your racist crap is playing
the game of capitalism, of divide and rule and neither of you are right,
one is more than willing to talk with you ffw one as i feel there might be
some progress. However, ffw two, when you say you would vote for the far
right, then try to give an argument as to why you feel you are right to do
so is to be frank not worth any further conversation, and coming from
someone who spent time getting me off smack, teaching me my anarchism to
be where you are now, ffw two, is an utter disgrace on your part. ffw one,
you might not like or agree with this blog but i make the comments about
your racism public in the hope you stop to think about the what comes from
out of your mouth and listen to your own arguments you have with others
then understand how crass you are at times...

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