[g8-sheffield] Sheffield Uncut Demo - Nurses Not Profits - 11am Fargate on Saturday March 19th

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Tue Mar 15 16:36:12 UTC 2011

The headquarters of Boots the Chemist is a P.O. box in Switzerland.
No staff, no building, just a small post box.

They do this to dodge tax. They already avoid £100 million a year. Last year
they made £700 million in profit. The money they owe could pay the wages for
3000 nurses.

At the same time as making massive cuts to public services, this government
is letting rich individuals and corporations avoid billions of pounds of

According to a HMRC estimate around £42 billion was avoided in 2008-2009.
Many big companies use tax havens to avoid hundreds of millions in tax,
including AstraZenaca, Barclays, Boots, Diego, Lloyds TSB, Shell, and Tesco.
Boots don’t just use tax havens. The Italian billionaire who took it over
gets a Government tax break on the money he spent. £100 million of the debt
on his “investment”, buying up a British company, is being paid by the
British taxpayer. Since the takeover Boots bosses have increased profits,
broken with ethical employment standards and attacked the working conditions
of Boots employees.

The NHS is going through a reform that will cut £20 billion in money for
staff, which according to the Government’s own consultants will cost 100,000
jobs. Many of these will be front-line staff caring for patients. This
government could change laws now to make rich individuals and corporations
pay the tax they owe. Instead, they choose to axe public services. The
government is talking about cuts. We think it’s time to talk tough to greedy

To take part meet at bottom of Fargate, 11am Saturday March 19th.

For more info see

Or contact:
sheffielduncut at gmail.com
07956 384142
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