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Jason lejasonman at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 18 09:29:55 UTC 2013

Don't think this list is being used for much at the mo' but spam. You have
to unsubscribe yourself I think - assuming the activix list works ok. You
should get a password reminder (I requested one for you) then go to the
login page:


Login and click unsubscribe - should do the job. If not, keep on swearing :D



On 18 July 2013 10:13, Philip John Satur <psatur at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> I asked you to unsubscribe me and I asked nicely. I have a primitive
> browser on mobile and your emails clog it up. Thats my only reason as I
> think you do good work. Fucking  unsubscribe me bastards!
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