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flawer flawer at shareful.be
Sat Jun 22 20:52:27 UTC 2013

How does it look for you? add somtehing else?

hacklabs.org redesign


we are into redesigning the selfdefaced hacklabs.org , it was heavily 
abandoned.. :p

we have also, finally, created a list for just in inglish bla. (it is 
also requested at/for hackmeeting.org :).

the hacklabs list is for now moderated for giving it some 
differentiating value compared to this hss list. we haven't valued 
deeply which criteria to follow, one i proposed and wasn't refused: for 
now gmails are not allowed there as subscribees (is privative inbox 
software and not enough poetic giving content).. while the archive is 
being public :D

this is an example of something we can do there that could give some 
added value to the ha_s things and to the world, for example.


i am very happy of all what is being developed here and the reached new 
challenges (me am really happy and not just blabla).

there was a historical big bug at hacklabs.org not enabling a english 
channel (although noone asked for that implementation there publickly 
never anyway.. just me asked for that once some years ago in a informal 
way and at a bad moment maybe and was overseen then). Now i did it more 
formal, it went through and here we are. hi!

i reckon we deserve the chance of enabling hacklabs.org channel and 
then start a debate there where one of the outcomes could be to redirect 
the domain to hss.org, or even get there the more corporate way that 
here at hss looks to be very complicated issue to activate, or some more 
tight social conditions or special hardware requirements for a space 'to 
be' a hacklab or else. we'll see.

the experiment now is which complement to this one to be there. there 
should never be a flame (i.e. no link to here from there ^_^), comeon, 
minimally speaking: hls are a kind of hss!

it is fun, hss forked hls, and now hls is forking hss. iny? ::DD

i am aware of a danger of guettization or rivalness between hss.org 
with this hls.org move on, but actually now there is this gheto of hls 
being just for spanish hacking places 'mainly'. that made me 
uncomfortable enough (i am being living in free of membership fees 
iberic hacklabs allthetime for long time already, i care.. and just woke 
up, someone had to do it).

i am not comfortable with the idea of hacklabs.org being the what could 
be paralelally nice: es.hackerspaces.org: a new blog?, a redirect to the 
wiki.hss.org/Spain wiki page? i asked for this bcn.hackerspaces.org long 
time ago and was refused here, bcn.hackerspaces.net was allowed i hardly 
remember. anyway, it is nicer to have a berlin.hss.net than 
berlin.hls.org in the first place, but both could be maybe..

more importantly in this point hss&hls point, i am not afraid of 
ourselves, we shouldn't be afraid to get deeper in things, we have to 
give this technic example of getting productive results through digging 
in differences to other type of communities, for they experiencing 
happily the definings extending like the hackers ("more advanced people 
on communications"...) do ::). we have to play with this nice toy 
(domain, meaning, history & future we want) because we should like toys 
playing and flyin'.

hey, i am tired of i i, my and myself opinions, i just want to move 
this forward for easing this neurotized toohard move that this move is 
for some people and then i'll move on to other projects such as 
superniceproject1.org/makerspaces ...

i didn't feel like sending something more tidy, sometimes happens.

add your tweaks or brand new axiologic rants if this hotted you up.

ps. me staying subscribed here for a short while, there are other ones 
from hls list here.. i can't do list lurking, and i have a limit of mail 

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