[Hacklabs] whats the relationship between this mail list and the domain name hacklabs.org ??

flawer flawer at shareful.be
Sat Jun 29 10:50:18 UTC 2013

english channel for hacklabs.org website, so don't write in spanish, 
there is another list for that.
i told you, but we were talking about many other things at the same 
time ;)

all, is normal some of this things happening, more than 10 years of 
strange netikete in hacklabs community mailing giving too many 
privileges to the spanish language from spain, still looks strange to 
have a just english one.. and we have a pending redesign where this is 
list is going to be linked from the home site or /en.

in this same sense, i have also created yet another group in n-1:

Old workld netikete: (english allowed in a mainly spanish one)

new world: (just in english please)

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